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FileTrak Preferences - Upstream

Choose File > Global Preferences.

Select FileTrak preferences from the Preference items list. Select the Upstream tab.

The VETtrak Upstream feature is an integration with the Upstream Document Management System (DMS).

To use this feature you will need to have an Upstream DMS account and credentials.  Your VETtrak registration key will need to be updated with the Upstrem add-on.  For information about the Upstream DMS, go to

The preferences are:


Upstream API URL

This is the API url address you will need provided from third party Upstream.


Upstream API key

This is the API key required from third party document management provider Upstream.


Allow Upstream files to be opened using

This setting determines how the documents will be opened when selecting from VETtrak

Note: The document will be opened outside of VETtrak in either M-Files desktop application or the M-Files web version.


Upstream API timeout

This value is used from the web products Trainer portal and VTDocs to control how long an API call to the Upstream API will wait before timing out on the external call.

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