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Standard Report Update - Version 1153


RELEASE DATE: 20/07/2018

New Standard Reports

Waitlist Reports\Programme Waitlist Report

This report is designed to display clients who have been added to a waitlist for a programme/occurrence. Includes programme, preferred occurrence, client, address, home phone, mobile phone, email address, employer, date entered, date last updated, referral source and waitlist notes. This report can be filtered by date range, programme, occurrence and referral source and can be run in a print friendly or export friendly format.


Updated Standard Reports

ASQA Reports\ASQA Student Survey Data Collection Sheet

  1. Logic Fix. A small fix has been applied to the way the report reads the unit filter.

Class Reports\Client Attendance Report

  1. Attendance and Class Hours. The Hours column has been relabelled to 'Attend Hours' and a new column for Class Hours has been added.
  2. New Filters. Filters common to other class reports have been added. This includes a filter for staff member, programme, occurrence, attendance type and room.

Enrolment Reports\Enrolment Export Report

  1. Date Range Change. The date range has been updated to allow contract/enrolment or enrolment only level filtering. This report previously would favour the contract level dates for contract enrolments and this change allows date filtering to be applied on the enrolment level for both contract and non-contract enrolments. This change was described in a VETtrak Communities post here.
  2. Enrolment Dates. This report will now show the enrolment start date and enrolment finish date separately to the contract commence and complete dates. For contract with multiple enrolments the earliest enrolment start date and lastest enrolment finish dates will be shown. Prior to this only the contract commence and complete dates were shown for contract enrolments and the enrolment start and finish dates were only shown for non-contract enrolments.

Staff Reports\Staff Summary Report

  1. Staff Notes. Staff notes have now been added to this report.

Unit Reports\Unit Result Export Report

  1. Primary Staff Member. A new column has been added to display the primary staff member from the contract wizard (for contract enrolments) as well as checking for the primary staff member from the enrolment wizard. This is the same method used in the Primary Staff Member column in the Enrolment Export Report.


Updated Right Click Reports

Client Manager\Show Awards Report

  1. Bug Fix. A bug which caused '1899' to display in the 'Date/Year Completed' when the 'Date Completed' from the award wizard was not populated has been fixed.

Employer Manager\Show Employee Report

  1. Employment Records. This report now uses the client employment records to list the employees. This means that clients who have an employment record for the employer but don't have the employer listed as their primary employer will still show.
  2. Primary/Non-Primary. The list of employees will now be split between primary and non-primary to match the way the employees are displayed in the employer manager.
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