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Viewing/Uploading Files in the Student Portal

Students can use the VETtrak Student Portal to access documents made available as resources. They can then amend these documents if required, and upload them back into the portal to be reviewed by Trainers (within the VETtrak Trainer Portal) or Admin staff (Within the VETtrak Software or the VT Docs document management portal).


Viewing Files via Notification Alert

When a file is uploaded/attached to an Enrolment-item for a student, such as Enrolled Units or Events via the VETtrak Trainer portal. a Notification will appear in the top right of the Student Portal to display this alert:

Files can also be uploaded via VT Docs or using DocDB within the VETtrak Software - However only the Trainer Portal will generate a notification in this way.

Clicking this item will display a window like the following, detailing information regarding the uploaded file, including the date, trainer name and notes (if entered):

Pressing the Download file button will allow the student to save the file to their computer.


Viewing Files via Course Details

If a file has been uploaded as a Distributed File, or was uploaded prior to notifications being enabled, you can view it within the Courses tab of the Student Portal.

To do this, expand the particular course it is associated with, select the enrolment item it is attached to, and use the Actions option to select View Files:

This will then display files in a window as shown above.


Uploading Files via Course Details

A student can upload files within the Student Portal, loading the documents against Enrolment Items to share documentation with both VETtrak Admin staff and Trainers.

To do this, expand the particular course it is associated with, select the enrolment item it is attached to, and use the Actions option to select Upload Files:


This will then show the Add Files window:

Within this window, a student can:

  1. Select whether they uploading a File/Document or entering a Web Link
  2. Select the File/Document they wish to upload
  3. Enter a Name for the item being uploaded (if it should differ from the file name)
  4. Enter a Description of their uploaded file, in case clarification is needed.

Once these items have been been entered, a Declaration is displayed at the bottom of the wizard for the student to indicate that the work is their own. 

This Declaration text can be amended within the Student Portal Preferences.


An item uploaded in this way will then provide a Notification within the Trainer Portal for the attached trainer, as well as appearing within the VETtrak software in the Documents panel when this Enrolment Item is selected.

In order for a Trainer Portal notification to display, this must be configured beforehand within VETtrak and the Trainer Portal.

For details, please see our article: Notifications In The Student And Trainer Portal
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