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Student Portal Notifications

The bell icon in the header of the Student Portal provides access to your notifications. The number in the red circle indicates how many new notifications you have waiting to be read.

Click the bell icon to view a summary of your most recent notifications.



  • Click a notification to view the message it relates to.
  • Click the red X to dismiss a notification.
  • Click View all notifications to see the Notifications page, which lists all notifications.
  • Adjust when you receive notifications by clicking Notification settings.


All Notifications


  • Click on a notification to view it in full.
  • Click Actions and choose Dismiss Message to clear the notification.


Notification Settings


  • The Notify column indicates if you will receive a notification in the Student portal.
  • The Email column indicates if you will receive an email.


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    Myles Kendall

    According to support there are no external notification options available when direct messages are received through the student/trainer portal. This means that students and trainers must log in to their portal, just to check if anything has been received. 

    If push notifications are unfeasible, due to loops or permission errors, can I suggest a daily notification summary? A daily email to any trainer or student who has unread messages in their portal.

    ie. You have 2 unread messages in your Student Portal. Click here to log in and review your inbox.

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