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Student Portal Schedule

The Schedule shows your classes and events, both past and present.

Your schedule details can be imported into your own personal calendar. To do this, click the Subscribe button. Import instructions are provided for Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple iCloud.

The Schedule offers three different views:

  1. Calendar - shows both classes and events in a traditional calendar style.
  2. Classes - lists only classes occurring during the selected month.
  3. Events - lists only events occurring during the selected month.

The Calendar is the default view, however your choice is remembered during your session. If you view Classes in the Schedule and then briefly visit your Dashboard, Classes will still be selected when you return to the Schedule.

Each of the three views provided by the Schedule can be navigated by month using the buttons for previous prev.png, Current month and next next.png. The selected view is remembered while browsing months.

In all views, clicking a class or event will open a pop-up containing further details.


Schedule - Calendar


Features of the Calendar:

  • Today is highlighted on the calendar, typically in a pale yellow.
  • Click an event or class to view further details.


Schedule - Classes


  • The number of classes for the month are displayed in parentheses by the heading.
  • Click on a course, or click Actions and choose View class from the menu to show the Class Details pop up.


 Schedule - Events


  •  The number of events for the month are displayed in parentheses by the heading.
  • Click on an event to show the Event Details pop up.
  • Click Actions to view files or notes and, if enabled, upload files to the event.



Class Details


Details for the class are displayed by default.

  • Map - shows a google map of the location.
  • Units - lists the units associated with the class.
  • Tasks - list of tasks related to the class.


Event Details


  • Actions are available from the Event Details pop up, and function the same as from the Events list.


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