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Student Portal Wait List

Wait-Listed Programmes appear on the Student Portal Dashboard. These are courses for which you are interested in undertaking, but have not officially enrolled in.

You can:


Expressing your interest in a course


You can show your interest in a future course by clicking the Express Interest button (if your training organisation does not permit this, the button will not be displayed).


The Express Course Interest page allows you to browse courses and select a start date where available.


  1. Select a Programme of interest from the drop down list of courses, or start entering the name of a course to search and narrow down the list.
  2. Express Interest for the course in general by clicking the Express Interest button for the course title,
  3. Click the Express interest button for a preferred date.

You will receive a brief visual confirmation for which ever type of expression of interest has been saved:

sp_waitlist-save0.png sp_waitlist-save1.png

Confirmation for the course as a whole.

Preferred date confirmed.

The page will update to show the expression of interest and allow it to be removed. Only one expression of interest can be created per course.


You can browse through other courses using the Programme of interest drop-down list to add, change or remove your expression of interest for any course.


Editing or Removing Expressions of interest

Once an expression of interest is submitted, you will be able to see the course listed on your dashboard.


  • Click Express Interest to use the Express Course Interest page to manage all your expressions of interest
  • Use the Actions menu to edit or delete individual expressions of interest from the dashboard.

If you choose to edit an existing expression of interest individually, the Express Interest In A Course pop-up allows you to change the details for the course you are interested in.


  • The Programme of interest is the course for which you originally expressed interest. A new course can be selected from the drop down list, or start entering the name of a course to search and narrow down the list.
  • Preferred dates is optional and will display dates for upcoming courses if they're available. This will be set to your original choice, but can be changed.
  • Referral source is optional. It depends on your training organisation's set up, but you may be able to choose from various ways you may have heard about the course, or even from staff members (that may have suggested the course to you).
  • Notes are also optional entry. You can use this to further explain your interest in the course, for example you might indicate here that the dates currently available don't suit and provide some that do, or perhaps indicate you would prefer to go in to a class rather than learn online if possible.

Click the Submit button to update your expression of interest. The changes will be reflected in the Wait-listed Programmes section on your dashboard.


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