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Checking Your Remote Desktop Version

The VETtrak Hosting Service utilises SSL Certificates to verify the computer that you’re connecting to. This requires support for Remote Desktop Protocol 7.0 or higher.

To check the version of the Remote Desktop Client installed on your machine, start by opening your Start menu and select the Run option.

If you don’t have this option, simply press the Windows key and 'R' on your keyboard simultaneously. In the box that comes up, enter "mstsc" and press Enter:

Right click the icon in the top left of the screen that comes up and choose About to get a screen like the second one below:

You will need support for at least Remote Desktop Protocol 7.0. By default, Windows 7 and above support the required Remote Desktop Protocol version.

If your computer has a lower number than 7.0, you will need to download and install an update from the “Download information” section at the following link:

On this page, scroll down to find it under the More Information section.:

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