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Additional Printing Options Within Hosting

When printing from the VETtrak Hosting service you are attempting to send the print job from our remote desktop to your local printer, so there is a special process involved to make this happen. In most cases things should work seamlessly - but if you encounter any difficulty there are options.

This article explains how it should generally work, with the option to make use of Google Cloud Printing if required.

Microsoft Easy Print

Easy Print is a Microsoft technology that enables you to print from your remote session directly to any locally connected printer. This is our preferred method of printing and works for the majority of our hosted users. For Windows PCs, you will need to make sure your printer driver is certified for Windows Server 2012 R2. You can check for printer hardware compatibility at Microsoft’s Windows Server Catalog:

If your printer driver is not compatible, you will simply not get an option to print to that printer in VETtrak. Try updating to the latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s website. It is in the best interests of the printer manufacturer to make sure their drivers are certified for the latest version of Windows Server.

Each of your printers that are Easy Print compatible will have “(redirected xx)” appended in the printing dialogue box (where xx is some number to uniquely identify your remote session).

Select your Easy Print printer, review the printing settings and click Print:


Google Cloud Printing

You can now print from VETtrak to any printer in the world via the Google Cloud! This may be a useful option if you are on the road and would like to print using your office printer, or if Easy Print does not meet your needs. Google Cloud printing will work on printers the are Cloud Ready and printers that are not Cloud Ready. All you will need is a free Google account (for non-Cloud Ready printers you will also need to install the Google Chrome browser).

If you would like to try Google Cloud printing, please let us know first because we need to enable access on your account. Once you have access to Google Cloud printing in VETtrak, go to and configure your Cloud Ready or Classic printer for the Google Cloud.

In VETtrak, select the Google Cloud Printer option when printing:

You will then be prompted for your Google Cloud printer or you could save the document directly to your Google Drive:

The third dialogue box will give you further printing settings for your Google Cloud printer. Review the settings and then click Print:


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