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Progress Portal 18.3.x Release Notes - 18/10/2018


Must be running VETtrak version 18.3.x.

Release notes - 18/10/2018


  • Split enrolments with qualifications from other enrolments.
  • Added download buttons to tables that will export data as csv for excel.
  • Added employer bookings to wait list Preferred dates.
  • Can now view all attendances from attendance exceptions page.
  • Now filtering inactive students from my trainees page.
  • Added include inactive students button to trainees page.
  • Added external links and social media links.

Bug fixes

  • Correction to enrolment title to draw from Qualification or Occurrence Programme.
  • Accreditations only shown if issued to client.
  • Buttons removed from Print view.
  • Moved add wait list button to header.
  • Fixed paging issue for Accreditations and Placements.
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