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Trainer Portal 18.3.x Release Notes - 13/11/2018


Must be running VETtrak version 18.3.x.

Release notes - 13/11/2018

Bug Fixes

  • SMTP authentication for "None" supported.

Release notes - 07/11/2018


  • Ability to override VETtrak SMTP (email) settings via web.config.
    For details see Portal SMTP Override Options.
  • Addition of Mailkit SMTP service as an alternate to Microsoft .Net SMTP mail. 
  • Custom attendance will now display a warning if signatures are required but no Doc db is wired up. Can still record attendance without signatures however.

Bug Fixes

  • Correction to external links.
  • VT Check box for "untick signatures" was being ignored.
  • Non-Contract enrolments would not allow uploads of files against them.
  • If delete permission was off for Document management then Custom attendance would fail.
  • Users could access custom attendance page even if legacy mode was enabled for programme.

Release notes - 18/10/2018


  • Renamed "Additional notes" to "Internal notes" to distinguish between new public notes feature.
  • Addition of public notes feature to entites: Client, Enrolment, Client Event, Employer, Employer Event, Enrolled Unit and Enrolment Task. See File Notes in the Trainer Portal
  • Added preference in VT that will push trainer created events into the VETtrak calendar
  • Addition of contextual help that can be toggled on or off from the navigation bar
  • Now when recording a single result and task warning will and errors will show using live validation
  • Added "unassociated events" tab in student view. will show all events assigned to a trainer without an enrolment for a student if off. If off it will show all events without enrolments regardless of trainer for the student.
  • Added social media buttons that will show if provided in the footer. See External links in the Web Portals
  • Added ability to add multiple external links that will show in a dropdown menu if more than one. See External links in the Web Portals
  • Added config in VEttrak to allow event types to be hidden or stop creation
  • Removed ability to download signatures
  • Added new "custom attendance" mode that can be turned on either globally or at a programme level. See Trainer Portal Customisable Attendance Recording Mode Overview
  • Removed ability to view or download uploaded signatures.
  • Added view/add document configuration from global preferences to document menus.
  • Added ajax validation to display warnings on single task status and unit results
  • Notification will now spawn for students when a document is uploaded against a client event
  • Added external authentication providers for Google, Microsoft Open ID, and ADFS. See Add External Authentication to a Portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Email on dashboard had a char limit of 1000, it now has no limit.
    Fixed schedule not loading last visited date initially
  • Fixed attendance creating multiple QA items instead of updating
  • Fix for row overflow issue on class attendance and task status grid views
  • Fix display issue for enrolled units with results

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