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API Change Log for VETtrak 18.3.x

Version for VETtrak 18.3.0 - 12/10/2018

If you are using a .NET Service Reference to consume the API, it is strongly recommended that you update this service reference against the 18.3 version of the API, otherwise you may experience issues with some fields in TEnro/TOccu/TClieEnro appearing to be empty.

Changes for compatibility with a VETtrak 18.3 database.

VETtrak now allows an employer to have multiple external codes, one for each user-defined external system. The employer's ExternalDebtorCode available through additional data functions will give you the employer's primary external system code. When updating an employer's ExternalDebtorCode using the additional data update functions, the new code will be recorded against the external system marked as default for employers, and it will be made the primary external system code for the employer. If you clear the ExternalDebtorCode, the primary flag will be unticked so that the employer has no primary external system code.

An external system can now be configured to produce an error if a client or employer is given an external code that is already in use by another client or employer for that external system. If so configured, the API will also honour this setting and produce an error if you attempt to do this.

Modify functions

  1. GetInvoicesForEmployer: Now returns new EmployerContact property in each TInvoice, as per below.

Modify classes

  1. TInvoice
    1. Added fields
      1. EmployerContact: A TClie containing the contact for the employer invoice.
  2. TEnro, TClieEnro, TOccu, TBooking
    1. Added fields
      1. DeliveryModes: A list of string, indicating the delivery modes for the enrolment or occurrence. The first one in the list is the primary delivery mode. Supersedes DeliveryType.
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