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Canned File Notes

Canned File Notes serve as a means to add pre-defined text to either a new File Note, or an existing one. These can be used to quickly populate the details of your File Notes to make their recording more efficient.

They can be associated with particular File Note types as a means of categorising and sorting the content of the Canned File Note.


Creating a Canned File Note

Right-click a File Note Type within the Configuration Manager and choose Add Canned File Note:


This will display the Canned File Note wizard:

  1. Select File Note Type to categorise this Canned File Note.
  2. Enter a Name
  3. Enter the content for this particular Canned File Note. This text can be used to populate a new File Note, replace the text of an Existing File Note, or be added to existing text within a File Note.

This will then display under the File Note Type:


Utilising Canned File Notes

When Adding/Editing File Notes within the File Note Wizette, the Canned File Note button can be used to select a Canned File Note item:

Select the Canned Note you wish to use:

If it is a New File Note, you will have the option to press the Use button:

This will enter the Canned body text to the File Note:

If you are Editing a File Note, and have existing text entered, you will have the option to Append the existing body text, or Replace it:

Using the Append option will add the Canned Text to the existing File Note body:

Using Replace will remove the existing text and replace it with the Canned File Note information:



You can use the Append option to add more than one Canned Note to your File Note. If you have several Canned bodies of text, you can use the Append tool to add as many as you require, effectively building the File Note as you see fit.

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  • VETtrak 18.3
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