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File Notes in the Trainer Portal


You can now enter dated file notes against various types of records in VETtrak.  These may appear in the trainer portal to be viewed and or available for addition, depending on your VETtrak configuration. For VETrak administration/set up of file notes see the articles for:

File notes may be available in the Trainer Portal against the following VETtrak entity types:

  • Client
  • Client award
  • Client enrolment
  • Client event
  • Employer
  • Employer event
  • Enrolled unit
  • Enrolment task

Where enabled you will find a link to file notes in most action menu's and elsewhere on the regular menu's:

  • From the View Student page to see file notes against a client
  • From the Event Details modal and similarly found on other modals relating to the available VETtrak entity types mentioned above.

File Notes Modal

Clicking on any of the file notes links will bring up the File Notes Modal for the relevant entity context. Example from the my student list action menu for student Tinker Bell.

  • Where you have the ability to add a new file note, this can be done from the top part of the file note modal.
  • Choose from the NOTE TYPE drop down item.
  • Where the NOTE TYPE has canned responses available, a second drop down will appear allowing you the option of choosing a CANNED PUBLIC NOTE.
  • Choosing a CANNED PUBLIC NOTE will populate the NOTE CONTENT with the canned note:
  • Make any further adjustments to the NOTE CONTENT and record it by clicking the Add public note button.  The note will then appear in a collapsed panel in the lower section of the file note modal.
  • A collection of file notes will appear in the modal as follows:
  • Expand the panel to see the details of the file note entry.
  • Where you are the creator of the file note and permissions are set accordingly you will also have access to edit or delete the file note.


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