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VETtrak Default Attendance Options

Within VETtrak it is possible to set default Attendance type options to be used when recording attendance for programmes, with flexibility to be managed at a Programme level, affecting both VETtrak and the Trainer Portal. 

Setting global preferences for Attendance modes

To toggle the VETtrak Attendance mode:

  1. Go File > Global preferences
  2. Select Trainer Portal from preference items > Attendance Tab
  3. Legacy radio button selected by default (this is for VETtrak to use the existing attendance recording mode)
  4. Select Customisable radio button to enable new attendance recording mode
  5. Need to select an Absent and Present attendance type (from existing attendance types previously saved), these attendance types will be used when trainers select to either mark the student present or absent in the Trainer Portal
  6. Signature, note and attendance editing can be selected to be either on or off in the trainer portal, depending on your organisation’s compliance needs
    • From VETtrak version 21.2: You may allow student's to mark a remote attendance with optional terms and conditions from the Student Portal.  The trainer will then be able to endorse that attendance to create an actual attendance record in VETtrak.
    • From VETtrak version 21.3: Remote attendance may occur on the Student Portal X hours before the class start time with the new setting: "Allow recording attendance X hours before class".  See the Info text for further information.
  7. Click Finish to save


Overriding global attendance mode settings at Programme level

To toggle the VETtrak Attendance mode for a Programme:

  1. Go Manage > Configuration
  2. Expand Programmes node
  3. Right click (programme you want to edit) and select Edit programme
  4. Click Next
  5. Select checkbox Override trainer portal record attendance settings
  6. Change attendance recording options for this programme as needed
  7. Click Next

Click Finish to save

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