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Trainer Portal Customisable Attendance Recording Mode Overview


Must be running VETtrak version 18.3.0.x. or higher.


A new Customisable Attendance Recording Mode has been added to the Trainer Portal in version  By default this feature is off and Legacy Mode is enabled.  See the article on Trainer Portal Customisable Preference setup for configuration information.

Recording Attendance

Recording attendance with no attendance recording options selected


  1. Select either present or absent for each of the students.
  2. Once all students have been marked present or absent click the submit button

All attendance recording options selected (i.e. signature, note and ability to edit time)

  1. Students click the tap to sign button to record being present
  2. Signature box is displayed 
  3. Sign signature and click save
  4. Click notes icon to add a note or amend time attended class
  5. Any students that don’t sign will be automatically recorded as being absent
  6. Trainer signs signature
  7. Click submit

See also: QR Code Attendance Recording, Recording Attendance In The Trainer Portal

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