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VETenrol Release Notes - November 2018

New Features

  • Single Name option under Registration Settings to turn the feature off.
  • Prior Education Recognition (AVETMISS) can now be disabled.
  • It is now possible to determine if someone who registers is enrolled in VETtrak for all classes, the next available future class, or all future classes of the occurrence.
  • Staff member Alert now includes a new option to attach the registration details (including Skills First Declaration).
  • Individual and Group Payment Preferences now provide for Instructions, which will appear for the user between the Payment Option heading and the payment method drop-down menu.
  • Option to display programme short Codes in the C/Kalendar instead of full programme names.



  • The AVETMISS question How long have I been employed will now restrict selections based on the answer provided to Current Employment Status. Ie. If a user selects Part-Time Employment, only answers relevant to this status will be available.
  • The default EFT notice for the Confirmation Email now includes the VETenrol Registration Number as the EFT Reference for clients to quote when they choose EFT as their payment method.
  • The Mail Log feature has been extended to included more types of messages, including Save For Later notices and Enquiries.
  • Indicators for mandatory fields have been added to the USI Step, and when accepting Terms and Conditions.
  • Some fixes to Kalendar behaviour, including incorrect display of the 'more' items for courses starting on a Saturday.
  • Group Booking is now displayed if enabled on the occurrence in VETtrak for both calendar and kalendar.
  • AutoProcess Web Enrolments feature now enabled and can now be managed from Settings->Site Settings->Miscellaneous
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