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Overview of the VETtrak Result Transfer Plugin for Moodle


The VETtrak Result Transfer Plugin is a plugin that works in conjunction with the VETtrak Authentication Plugin to allow certain Moodle Activity Modules to automatically push results to VETtrak.

Plugin features:

  • Suitable for Moodle versions 3.5 and above.
  • Works at the VETtrak Occurrence level by mapping a VETtrak occurrence to a Moodle Course.
  • Results are automatically pushed, generally when the Trainer grades a supported activity
  • Results mapping can be manpped per Moodle course and can be mapped to VETtrak Tasks or VETtrak Units of Competency.
  • Results can also be manually pushed from Moodle to VETtrak from the Manage Student Result Pushing page.
  • Results are pushed thorough VETtrak Quality Assurance (recommended) or can bypass QA altogether.
  • Logs all activity pushed.


Main components:


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