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Run Reports in Bulk

VETtrak has the ability to run reports in bulk, either for a group of people or an individual. You can then choose how you wish for the reports to be output, whether they are saved to a folder or attached to an email and sent to the student referenced in the report.

This option is accessed by either Right-Clicking an Enrolment and selecting Run Reports:

Or by selecting Run Report from the Action Menu after running a Data Insights Query:


This will display the Bulk Run Reports Wizette:

In the first dropdown you can select the reports you wish to run on this data - This allows you to select any number of relevant reports via a tickbox selection:

You can then choose the Output for the reports, including:

  1. Email - This will prompt for the reports to be exported to a PDF file format and attached to an email addressed to the client.
  2. Save to folder  - This will process the export of the reports to a PDF file to be saved to a folder of your choice.
  3. Save to document database - If you have the FileTrak document database functionality, this will prompt for the reports to be saved to a PDF file and saved within your document database. These can then be accessed remotely by a tool such as VTDocs if it has been configured, or within the VETtrak system. 

Select as many output options as you would require.

When you press Finish, this will then Run the reports in bulk and Output them as per your selection.

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