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Managing Student Result Pushing with the Result Transfer Plugin

All of the push data from moodle is logged and can be tracked from the Manage student result pushing page.

If you are not already logged in to your Moodle as an administrator, please do so now.


  1. Choose Site Administration.
  2. Select Courses.
  3. Click Manage courses and categories.

From the Courses and category management view, identify the course from the list:


  1. Click the course link to show more details for the course.
  2. Check that a valid VETtrak Occurrence ID for the course is entered as the Course ID Number. If not, click Edit and enter one as per the instructions for Mapping a Moodle Course to a VETtrak Occurrence.
  3. Click the View link.

This will show the course contents:


  1. Click the settings cog to the right of the course name.
  2. Select VETtrak Settings from the menu.


  1. Choose Manage Student Result Pushing.



You can:

  • Repush data that mismatches or has been mistakenly deleted from VETtrak.
  • Push data that has not yet been pushed to VETtrak.
  • Identify issues, such as where activity mapping has not been completed.


Some examples of records you may see:


  • The data in the left column comes from the Moodle grade data.
  • The data in the center column shows the data that was last pushed to the VETtrak database and logged.
  • If these mismatch you may want to repush the result to VETtrak by pressing the Repush button. 



If you have historic results that have not been pushed yet, for example if the result occurred prior to installing the plugin.

  • Click Push and the result in the centre column will be sent through to the VETtrak database.



  • If you have not mapped the module to a VETtrak unit or graded the module in Moodle, you will not be able to push anything through to VETtrak.


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