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VETenrol Release Notes - January 2019

New Features

  • There is a new two part workflow designed to assist with short course and group enrolments. We call this data completion.

    It will be particularly useful when group bookings are received and those individual clients need to provide further information. Instructions on setting up and using this new feature are available in our article Using the Data Completion Feature.

    To facilitate data completion, there are a number of new things in VETenrol:


  • Parent/Guardian workflow. There is a new option to enable a Parent to endorse a registration when a client is under the age of 18. When enabled VETenrol will detect that the client is a minor and will prompt the user for the email address of their parent or guardian. Parent then receives an email requesting them to authorise the registration and complete payment (if required). Registration is pushed to VETtrak on completion of parent endorsement. There are tools in VETenrol to follow up outstanding authorisations. This feature can be enabled from your Admin by choosing Programmes > Parent Workflow from the menu.

The following are new features of the Registration Settings page, or standard registration process:

  • New options for the Confirm step, in the Mandatory Registration Steps section.
  • New Employer step options, in the Optional Registration Steps section.
    • Enable VETtrak employers auto-complete. The list of Employers can now be retrieved direct from VETtrak (instead of importing through Settings > Employers).
      Note that this will list all active employer records from your VETtrak database. It should be enabled only with the understanding that anyone using VETenrol could be able to see your corporate client list.
    • Force collection of employer details. The employer step can be made mandatory to complete with this option.
  • AVETMISS step options, in the Optional Registration Steps section.
    For privacy reasons AVETMISS questions are generally not mandatory, by default this is standard VETenrol behaviour but we have expanded the options to enable some fields to be mandated for clients who have an obligation to collect that data in certain circumstances.
    There are now options to individually mandate the following AVETMISS fields:
    • Country of Birth,
    • Language Spoken,
    • Secondary School Status,
    • Prior Education Recognition,
    • Study Reason,
    • Employment Status,
    • Length of Employment.



  • All references to Skills for All have been replaced and replaced with new WorkReady terminology.
  • Minor changes to default USI Privacy and default Terms & Conditions.
    Note that customers with existing entries in these fields will NOT receive this update and will need to be responsible for checking that their custom text meets 2019 requirements.
  • We have also added some new list controls to improve usability when working with long lists (eg Countries, Languages) so users can type characters and the list will filter the options displayed.
  • We have also improved logic so that the flow of the AVETMISS page works better. For example, if a client has not completed high school they wont be prompted to provide a year completed.
  • Terms and Conditions / Privacy Notice. NCVER have updated their Privacy Notice and the Standard VETenrol Terms and Conditions have been updated to reflect that. Note that customers with their own specific terms and conditions in these fields will NOT receive this update and will need to be responsible for checking that their custom text meets 2019 requirements.
  • The Mail Log report now details emails error messages received when an email fails to be delivered.


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