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Trainer Portal My Courses

The My Courses page shows you a list of courses assigned to you (at the occurrence level in VETtrak) and provides a quick overview and faster navigation to units/tasks/classes and participants.


  • The Order by button allows you to choose which column to sort by (Course, Status, Start or End Date).
  • Click a course record in the list to expand/collapse details of the course.
  • Click Actions for a course record to:
    • View Details - opens a pop-up displaying.
    • View Results Summary - opens the Course Result Summary page.
    • View Notes - opens a pop-up displaying notes for the course and allows public notes to be added.

When a course is expanded, you will have access to Units, Tasks, Classes and Participants for that course.


  • Use the Actions button for a record to perform various context sensitive actions. For example, Go to class, or Go to participant.


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