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VETtrak AVETMISS Changes - 2019

This article details the changes made in VETtrak version 18.3 and 19.1 to accommodate the state and national changes to AVETMISS reporting requirements in 2019. 

Most of this functionality has been implemented as part of the VETtrak 2019 version release (Version: 19.1)

This release targets AVETMISS reporting changes for 2019.

You should not upgrade to VETtrak 19.1 or later until you have completed and finalised your 2018 reporting.

National AVETMISS Changes

  1. Gender X aka Indeterminate/Intersex/Unspecified. This gender option can now be reported in all AVETMISS types. (Previously this was only accepted by VIC.)

  2. National funding source 80. Within the Funding Source Wizard, the National funding source option 80 has been renamed to "Revenue earned from another training organisation (TAFE use only)", as it can only be used by TAFEs.

  3. International offshore postcode. Within the Generate AVETMISS utility an error will display in the NAT80 file if you are reporting a client with a USI exemption code of INTOFF, and the client's postcode is not set to OSPC (representing an overseas address):

  4. Renamed NAT85. The NAT85 file has been renamed from "Client postal details" to "Client contact details".

  5. Renamed commencing status identifiers. All Commencing Status values have been renamed to match recent name changes in the standards:

    • 3 renamed from "Commencing enrolment in a qualification or course" to "Commencing training in the program"
    • 4 renamed from "Continuing enrolment in the qualification or course from a previous year" to "Continuing training in the program from a previous year"
    • 8 renamed from "Unit of competency or module enrolment only" to "Subject-only training"

  6. Study reason. The new study reason 13 "To get skills for community/voluntary work" has been added:

    This is not valid for 2018 and should only be used in new enrolments that will be started in 2019 or later

Victoria Changes

There has been a number of changes made to Victorian reporting requirements. The most important of these target Funding Sources and their management, as well as Fee Waivers and Fee Concessions.

  • VIC Specific funding identifier

    The Specific Funding field has been added to the VIC state page in the Enrolment wizard:

    This is mandatory for any enrolment that finishes in 2019 or later, that has a state funding source with a national funding source of "Commonwealth specific funding program" (13).
  • Funding Source Changes

    New national funding sources 31 "International onshore client - other revenue" and 32 "International offshore client - other revenue" have been added to replace 30 "International client - other revenue".

    Victoria is introducing this change in 2019; all other states and national will not be introducing this change until 2020. The following changes have been made for this:
    1. All VIC state funding sources have been updated to match VIC's "Funding Source Identifier STA Supplement" for 2019.

      National Funding Source of 30 is no longer valid in VIC for 2019.

      All existing Funding Sources with a National Funding Source 30 have been updated to 31.
    2. The following VIC state funding sources now have multiple entries:
      • Two entries for F (Fee for service - overseas full fee-paying students) - one with national funding source 32 and the other with 31:
      • Three entries for VIC state funding source Z20 (VET in Schools) representing national funding sources 20, 31 and 32:

    3. When viewing the drop-down for State Funding Source, VETtrak will now show the National Funding Source code against each entry in the list, assisting you to select the state funding source with the correct national funding source when there are multiple with the same state code:

    4. In the VIC page in the Enrolment wizard, if the enrolment finishes in 2019 or later, and the client's usual address postcode is "OSPC", a validation error will be shown if the selected state funding source's national funding source is not 31 or 32.

    5. A validation error will occur if you attempt to report a state funding source with a national funding source of 30 in VIC as part of a 2019 AVETMISS generation.

      If you report for 2018 or earlier, any national funding source of 31 or 32 will automatically be reported as 30, so the generation is still correct for previous years.

  • Fee waiver reporting

    For 2019, your NAT120 file will require a unique Exemption record that reflects both the Fee Exemption for a students enrolment, as well as the Fee Waiver (if one applies).

    To do this, VETtrak will allow the selection of both a Fee Exemption and a Fee Waiver within the Victorian State Enrolment Details page of the Enrolment wizard, and will collect both the first character of each code to represent your NAT120 Fee Exemption record, like so:

    This compiled code then results in the first character of the fee exemption code to represent what type of fee concession applies, and the second character of the fee exemption code to represent what type of fee waiver applies (if any). The following changes have been made to support this:
  1. The list of fee exemptions for VIC in the Configuration Manager has been updated for 2019. Note that this list contains both Fee Concessions (ie. those with a "Tuition fee calculation method" of "Do not reduce tuition fee" or "Reduce tuition fee to the concession amount"), and Fee Waivers (ie. those with a "Tuition fee calculation method" of "Fee waiver"):

    Note that each VIC fee exemption code in VETtrak has only one character.

  2. The existing Fee exemption drop-down in the VIC state page in the Enrolment wizard, and in the Edit AVETMISS Values wizard, has been split into two drop-downs.

    The first is a 'Fee concession' drop-down, which lists only VIC fee exemptions that are not fee waivers, and is mandatory.

    The second 'Fee waiver' drop-down lists only VIC fee exemptions that are fee waivers, and is not mandatory:

  3. The existing Fee exemptions selected in all VIC enrolments have been split into a fee concession and fee waiver as follows:
    1. Fee exemption "I" has been split into fee concession Z, and fee waiver E.
    2. Fee exemption "E" has been split into an empty fee concession, and fee waiver E

      Note this means you will get an error the next time the enrolment is edited or reported, as you must enter the applicable fee concession, because it is mandatory and VETtrak cannot determine this automatically.
    3. Fee exemption "X" has been split into fee concession Z, and fee waiver X.
    4. Fee exemption "Y" has been split into fee concession Z, and fee waiver Y.
    5. Fee exemption "T" has been split into fee concession Z, and fee waiver T.
    6. All other fee exemption codes have been split into the fee concession with the same code, with an empty fee waiver.

  4. When calculating tuition fees from a funding model, the amount will be calculated as 0 if the enrolment/enrolled unit has a fee waiver selected. If no fee waiver is selected, the applicable full amount/concession amount used depends on the "Tuition fee calculation method" of the fee exemption selected as the fee concession:

  5. The combined codes of both the Fee Concession and the Fee Waiver (if any) will be shown in the "Fee exemption / Exempt" column in numerous locations within VETtrak as a quick reference.

    This includes the Enrolments Grid in the Client Manager, the Tuition Fees wizard, and the Recalculate Enrolment Pricing wizard:

New South Wales

  1. NSW provider calculator strategy fields. New fields for the Strategy initiative, Strategy code, Sub-strategy code and Voucher number have been added to the Eligibility tabs in the NSW state page of the Enrolment wizard:

    These will be included when exporting NSW Provider Calculator data.

  2. Removed APL reporting. All functionality for NSW APL reporting has been removed from VETtrak, as it is no longer required.
    'Training Market has advised that all APL reporting was to be finalised by 31 December 2017, as the data won’t be accepted post release of AVETMISS 8.'

South Australia

  1. Software product name and vendor email. When exporting AVETMISS files in SA for 2019 or later, the software product name and vendor email will now be included in the NAT10 file:
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