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Importing Organisation Scope from TGA

VETtrak has the capacity to import your organisation's scope directly into your database from TGA. This will import all of the units that are contained within the Training Packages, as well as the associated Qualifications. This data is considered up to date as of the time you import. 

Importing Organisation Scope from TGA

From the Qualifications Manager, right-click Training Packages and choose Import organisation scope from TGA from the menu:

This will display the Import Organisation Scope from TGA wizard - Simply press Import scope for organisation to start the process:

This wizard will contact the TGA web services to retrieve a list of Training Packages and Qualifications/Courses/Skills Sets to be imported.

Once the process has completed, the Training Packages and the associated Qualifications/Courses/Skills Sets will then appear in the Qualifications Manager:

To complete this process, you will then need to link your units to the appropriate Qualifications/Courses/Skills Set - to do this, view our Help Centre article Adding a Unit of Competency to a Qualification.

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