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Pending Payment Follow-ups

Users that have fully entered their registration details, but did not provide their credit details to properly complete the registration, can be emailed regarding their non-payment.

Requirements for using this feature:

  • Credit Card payments enabled in your VETenrol.
  • An email template with the type Pay Now.
  • A registration with the Payment Status of "Pending Payment", or "Deferred Payment".
  • The Web Enrolment in VETtrak should not yet have been processed.


Following up on a registration without a payment

Email the user via the Registration Details page, using the icon.

The icon is located on the left in the Contact Detail section.

  • Click the email icon near the customer's email address.

This will open the Email Client where you can select a suitable Pay Now template and send the email.


The email contains a link that allows the user to complete the final payment step for their registration.

sample_PayNowEmail.png PayNow.png

Sample of possible text from a template.

User experience


When a user pays, the registration record in your Admin will be updated to reflect the changes.


NOTE: On successful payment, VETtrak will automatically updated with the payment information providing the Payment Setting Send payment details to VETtrak is enabled.


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