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Error 2106: Record length is too short for file.

When undertaking your National AVETMISS Reporting to NCVER, you may encounter the error;

Record length is too short for file.

Getting this error means that the file you're submitting to NCVER is in the incorrect format. This can be caused by a few different things such as; submitting files for 2017/2018 when 2019 files are required, submitting State AVETMISS files to NCVER or submitting NAT files that have been altered in some way to be shorter or longer than normal.


Below is an an exert from the AVS upload portal, where files are uploaded to NCVER. Highlighted in the picture are a few things that can help to understand exactly what sort of files are expected to be uploaded at that time.


You can use the details from the AVS portal to help determine what sort of files you are required to extract from VETtrak.


As always, if you encounter any issues with this article or have any trouble with the documented procedure above, feel free to call through to our Support line on : 1800 838 872 or send an email enquiry to :
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