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Error 3747: Funding Source - National is 30 therefore Postcode on the Client file must be 'OSPC'.

When undertaking your National AVETMISS Reporting to NCVER, you may encounter the error;

Funding Source - National is '30' therefore Postcode on the Client file must be OSPC.

Getting this error means that you are using the 'International client - Other Revenue (30) National Funding Source within an Enrolment.

To amend this, you will need to edit the clients personal details, and change their postcode to 'Overseas Address - OSPC' using the following 2 boxes on the 'client address details' page, as shown below;


Ticking the 2 boxes will ensure that you are reporting an OSPC in your NAT Files for your International client.



As always, if you encounter any issues with this article or have any trouble with the documented procedure above, feel free to call through to our Support line on : 1800 838 872 or send an email enquiry to :
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