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Standard Report Update - Version 1252


RELEASE DATE: 22/03/2019

New Standard Reports

File Note Reports\File Note Report

Displays file note records for all record types. Includes Type of Record, Record Description, Date, File Note Type and Comments.


Updated Right Click Reports

Client Capabilities Report

  1. Bug Fix. Fixed a bug that would cause the client details not to display when the client did not have a capability but had a position with capabilities.

Invoice Schedule Report

  1. Formatting Changes. The fonts and margins have been changed to align with the formatting of the standard reports.
  2. Column Updates. Columns have been relabelled to match the labels in VETtrak, a column has been added to display the payment due date, the Amount column has been updated to display the amount when uninvoiced and the pricing item column will now display inventory items.
  3. Totals. Totals will now display for both invoiced and uninvoiced amounts and will include gst.

Statement of Fees

  1. Bug Fix. A bug that would cause the report to duplicate for WA state reportable enrolments using delivery modes of W or E has been fixed.
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