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Custom Report Request Requirements

This article describes the ideal way to provide information to our report writers to ensure your custom report is written exactly as you would like it. Custom reports are built based off your design so in order to have your report developed you will need to provide a template that matches exactly what you want the report to look like in your report request.

Generally there are 2 types of report designs, Print Friendly and Excel Export Friendly designs. 


Print Friendly Document Custom Report Requests

These reports are typically designed to be printed directly to a printer or exported to a PDF file. It is best to provide a Word document template with highlighted merge fields to show us where data should be drawn from in VETtrak.

Our Custom Report Request Requirements - Print Friendly Document Reports Help Centre article provides detailed information on the resources you can provide our report writers for document type reports to ensure your report formatted as accurately as possible to your design.

Award reports are common report requests so we have developed a Help Centre article Custom Report Request Requirements - Most Common Award Report Setup to detail the most common merge fields and logic use by our report writers when writing award reports for our customers. Our report writers will write your report using these merge fields and logic unless you specify otherwise.

Please note that our report writers don't audit your templates for you and cannot advise you whether your template meets your regulatory requirements. These checks should be performed by a compliance officer before submitting your request.

The below article outlines an ideal example of a custom report request for an award report.

Award - Certificate and Record of Results 


Excel Export Friendly Data Export Custom Report Requests

These reports are typically designed to be exported to a spreadsheet format XML or CSV which can be opened in Excel. It is best to provide an Excel spreadsheet template including column titles, a couple of rows of sample data to show us what the final output should look like as well as an explanation of where the data should be drawn from in VETtrak.


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