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Credit Card Discount

The Credit Card Discounts feature is available from the Programmes menu. It allows a pricing discount to be applied for those opting to pay by credit card.


To create a discount for credit card payments:


  1. Choose the Discount type.
    • None — no discount applied (default).
    • Percentage Off — the value is the percentage by which the price will be discounted.
    • Amount Off — the value is a set dollar amount deducted from the price.
    When a discount other than None is selected, a field for the value will be displayed and labelled accordingly.
  2. Enter the value of the discount (do not include percentage or dollar symbols).
  3. Click the Save button.



To apply a credit card surcharge instead of a discount, enter the surcharge amount as a negative number.

For example: For a 2.5% surcharge, the discount type should be set to percentage off and the value should be entered as -2.5.

NOTE: There can only be one credit card discount. Saving will not make a list as commonly occurs, instead the saved details will remain in the Credit Card Payment Settings section, where it can be adjusted and re-saved at any time.


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