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VTDocs Portal 19.1.1.x Release Notes - 23/08/2019


Must be running VETtrak version 19.1.1.x. or higher.

Release notes - 23/08/2019


  • Added a better response message when an exception occurs via bulk drag and drop upload.
  • Slow connections were causing confusion for file uploads we now disable the upload file button until the activity loads.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for naming conventions in QR code document splitting.

Release notes - 19/08/2019

Bug Fixes

  • Correction to false positive on grace period message for name user licence.

Release notes - 29/07/2019

Bug Fixes

  • An update to enable named user licence functionality to work correctly.

Release notes - 21/05/2019


  • Background task added to clean up expired portal sessions when a user logs on the portal.
  • Added font awesome 5 icons.
  • Added real time server progress information while uploading documents.
  • Added Staff Credentials to the list of viewable entities when viewing Staff records in VTDocs.
  • Updated navigation bar with a drop down menu that holds new functionality.
  • Users can now bulk drag or single drag documents from a folder directly into the document panel.
  • Added VETtrak feature: VTDocs plus (requires additional VETtrak registration)
    • Added a new panel for Unsorted documents allowing for quick allocation.
    • Users can now drag documents from a folder directly into the unsorted document panel.
    • Added QR document splitting functionality for bulk unsorted uploads.
    • Added a preview and logging function for bulk QR upload.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow the use of Non alpha numeric characters in the username or password.

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