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Manage Users

The Manage Users area allows you to see and set access for particular VETtrak Staff to access your VETtrak products. Within this area you can:

  • Assign Staff Members to, or remove from, any number of Security roles.
  • See what Roles they have access to.
  • See when a Users last login to the product was.
  • See how many VETtrak Product Licences you have available, and how many are in use.

You can access the User Assignment Wizard in a number of ways, depending on the product you require to manage access for.

Firstly, you can expand the File heading at the top of VETtrak, and select Manage users to manage the access of users to the software itself:


Secondly, within the Security Manager - under the Application/Role management heading you can right-click a particular product heading to access Manage users for that VETtrak product (if available):


This will display the User Assignment Wizard:

  1. Licences in Use will display the number of licences for the VETtrak product that are available to your company, with an indication of how many are assigned/in use.
  2. The Assign Users button () will open a wizette that allows you to browse/create VETtrak staff members for the sake of granting them access to a VETtrak product:

    • On the left-hand side, Search for existing staff. Double-click or drag the staff you wish to grant access to.
    • On the right-hand side, the Selected Staff will display the VETtrak staff you have selected so far. The New button () allows you to enter a VETtrak staff member on the fly should you require.
    • At the bottom of the wizard, Select Roles allows you to select the product roles to be assigned to these Staff Members.
  3. The Name column displays the name of an assigned Staff Member.
  4. The Username column the VETtrak username of an assigned Staff Member.
  5. Last login displays a date when the staff member last logged in.
  6. The Roles field can be expanded by pressing the drop-down arrow () - this will display a list of roles, with checked boxes representing the product roles the Staff Member has access to. Within this are, you can check additional boxes to toggle/remove access to particular roles.
  7. Uses licence indicates whether this persons product access will make use of a product licence - if all the selected roles for the user are designated read-only, then the user will not use a licence.
  8. The Remove button () will action the removal of VETtrak product access from this Staff Member, displaying a confirmation message like so:

    Pressing Yes will confirm the removal of this access.
  9. Export can be used to quick export a document listing VETtrak users and their access.
  10. The Registration Key button can be used to update your Registration key either automatically or manually, should you need to refresh your registration information.

Once details have been set as your desire, press Next and Finish to close the wizard and save your changes.

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