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VETenrol Release Notes - 21st May 2019

Major Release: Rapid Registrations

The Rapid Registrations feature overhauls the registration process, providing an alternative for short courses and non-accredited training that is independent to the standard VETenrol registration process.

As part of this release a number of updates to facilitate this new feature have been made:


New Features



  • Save For Later / help me improvements
    • Control over the support message.
    • More details sent in the alert so that the enquiry can be followed up with out needing to login to VETenrol Admin.
  • Updates to Parent Workflow
    • ability to customise notice to parents
    • parent signature shown on html rego copy.
    • email to parent shown in mail log.
  • Preview a Custom Form from the Admin without needing to begin a registration.
  • Duplicate an existing Email template.
  • Debit Success Payment Plan.
  • The USI Step collects city/town of birth for those born overseas (RTO create option).
  • Group Bookings - DOB is now optional at the places step.
  • Skills for All renamed WorkReady.
  • CRICOS number displays in Contact Details section of VETenrol.
  • State/Territory filter for Schedule page.
  • Registration alert subject line will accept placeholders.
  • Test API connection updated to potentially identify security permissions issues (not just connectivity).
  • Column headers for Registrations are now sortable
  • RTO Notifications will no longer include personally identifiable information when there is no SMTP server provided and the default VETenrol mail server is being used. To overcome that, set up you own SMTP server as the mailing service, see this article for more information.


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