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Progress Portal 19.1.1.x Release Notes - 16/07/2019


Must be running VETtrak version 19.1.1.x. or higher.

Release notes - 16/07/2019

Bug Fixes

  • Accreditations now showing only where award's enrolment is linked to the employer.
  • Placements now showing if you are the employer hosting the placement or if the placement enrolment is linked to the employer.

Release notes - 21/05/2019


  • Background task added to clean up expired portal sessions when a user logs on the portal.
  • Added option to disable traditional VETtrak login when external authentication in use.
  • Upgraded icon library.
  • Added dashboard link in navigation bar.
  • Added employer details to employer dropdown in navigation.
  • Added employment information for trainees from the Trainees page.
  • Updated the navigation bar to add an employer menu.
  • Users can now see invoices for the employers they have access to.

 Bug Fixes

  • Allow the use of Non alpha numeric characters in the username or password.
  • Prevent malformed Url in OpenId external authentication from crashing the portal.
  • Google external authentication now supports Google cloud OAuth.
  • Fixed inconsistency between placements on the dashboard vs the trainee page.
  • Fixed portal failure for missing default settings for the SMTP web configuration.

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