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Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts is available from the Programmes menu and it provides access to the Group Booking Volume Breaks page, which handles discounts for Group Bookings.



Group Booking Volume Breaks allows the creation and management of discounts for Group Bookings. Discounts are applied based on the number of places the user has indicated during the booking process. If the places indicated matches a volume break, then the specified discount for that quantity will be applied.


Volume Discounts has two key elements:

  • The Volume Break Details section — used to create, or modify a volume break.
  • The list table — for managing existing volume breaks.


Creating a Volume Break

To create a discount using the Volume Break Details section:


  1. Enter the 'Lower Limit'. This is the minimum number of places required to obtain the discount.
  2. Enter the 'Upper Limit'. This is the highest number of places to obtain the discount.
  3. Choose the 'Type' of discount. The field for the value will be labelled accordingly.
    • Percentage Off — the value is the percentage by which the price per place will be discounted.
    • Amount Off — the value is a set dollar amount deducted from the price per place.
    • New Amount — applies the value as the new price per place.
  4. Choose the option for 'Applies to' to identify if the discount is valid when entered for all programmes, or only for specific programmes.
  5. Click the 'Save' button.

The discount will be listed in the table view. To add more discount breaks, repeat the above steps.


The items in the list table can be:

  1. Edited to change the Volume Break Details.
  2. Assigned to specific programmes by clicking the Selected Programmes link, in the Applies To column.
  3. Deleted from the list by clicking the corresponding 'delete' link.


Selecting Programmes for Volume Breaks

Discounts that apply to Selected programmes allow those programmes to be viewed and managed from the Group Booking Volume Break Programmes page.


  • Click the Selected programmes link.

This will open the Group Booking Volume Break Programmes page, for example:


The Group Booking Volume Break Programmes page has the following elements:

  • Group Volume Break Details section to facilitate the creation of new programmes/occurrence IDs for the discount and allow existing ones to be viewed and modified.
    • Count displays the break range of the discount and cannot be changed on this page.
    • The Back button will return you to the Group Booking Volume Break page.
    • The New button clears the Group Volume Break Details fields for a new programme/occurrence ID to be saved.
    • The Save button will save the current entries into the list table.
  • The list table contains saved programme names and allows them to be managed.
    • Click the Programme Name link to modify the entries.
    • Permanently remove unwanted entries using the delete link.


NOTE: The list table will only be displayed when editing a discount with existing programme entries. Otherwise it will be hidden until the first entry is saved.


Adding to the list of Selected Programmes


  1. Use Type to choose either Programme or Occurrence to specify for what the discount break will be valid.
    This setting will determine the label and expected input for the field below it:
    • Programme Name
      Enter the exact name of the programme. The discount break will be valid for any occurrence of this programme.
    • Occurrence ID
      Enter the occurrence ID of the occurrence for which the discount break is valid. The coupon will only be valid for that specific occurrence (unless other entries exist or are created later).

    For assistance with identifying the name or ID, see the Summary Report on page 1.
  2. Click the Save button.

The entry has now been set and will appear in the list table. Repeat these steps to create additional entries as needed.

Use the Back button to return to the main Group Booking Volume Break page.


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