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Rapid Registrations Overview

Rapid Registrations are a greatly condensed version of the registration process, that is aimed at non-accredited training, and short courses with minimal compliance requirements.

In order to use the Rapid Registrations feature, you will need to put a request through to Support for this feature to be enabled for your VETenrol account.

Requirements for using Rapid Registration:

  • Occurrence(s) with a single published price type.
  • Either, a Payment Gateway is integrated for credit card payments, or alternatively, occurrences for rapid registration are free (published price is $0).

Once the feature is activated, you will need to:

  1. Enter your Terms & Conditions via Settings > Rapid Registration Settings, in your Admin.
  2. Provide links for the Rapid Registrations.
    This could be via your website, or to individuals/groups via email.



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