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Standard Report Update - Version 1254


RELEASE DATE: 21/05/2019

New Right Click Reports

Qualification Manager\Units in Package\Delivering Staff\Show Delivering Staff Report

This report is run from the right click menu 'Show Delivering Staff Report' on the Delivering Staff node found under a unit tree within the qualification manager.  This will display the staff member name, code and staff types of the staff members who are selected as being able to deliver the unit.


Updated Standard Reports

ASQA Reports\ASQA/VRQA Student Records Report

  1. Enrolments without Locations. A restriction has been lifted to include enrolments without locations. Only possible to affect records from much earlier version of VETtrak.


Updated Right Click Reports

Configuration Manager\Attendance Type Report

  1. Active Column. A column has been added to indicate whether the attendance type is active.
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