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Purge USI Identity Data

The Purge Identity Data menu item, available from the Activity sub menu, provides a list of all registrations containing USI identity information.

This is identity data collected for creating a student's USI on their behalf. If the USI step is not enabled or if the RTO create option has always been disabled for the step, then there will be nothing to purge.


The following features are provided:

  • From and To date range fields — use these fields to filter the list by date range. Click Refresh List to apply the filter.
    • From can be left blank to select every registration up to the To date.
    • To can be left blank to select every
    • Both From and To can be made blank to clear an existing date range filter.
  • Select none and all links — toggle the checkboxes of all registrations shown in the list.
  • Checkboxes — Toggle these individually to determine which records to keep or purge.
  • Purge Data — click this button to purge all of the USI identity data for the ticked registrations in the list.

NOTE: Purging does not remove the record of the registration, only the associated USI Identity information.


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