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VIC: Foundation Skills

To record foundation skills information about an enrolment, right-click on the enrolment and select Add VIC foundation skills:


Note: This option will only be available for selection on enrolments with a Victorian location.

This will display the VIC Foundation Skills Wizard:mceclip1.png

Within this area you must select the assessment framework you are using.

You must then fill in assessment results for at least three of these skills:

  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oral
  • Numeracy

Within the fields, enter a number to reflect the student's assessment results at commencement of the course, and upon completion.


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    Emma Rosier

    We are looking at a simpler way to manage/monitor the way we record/have access to the LLN scores students obtain prior to training so that trainers know what they are working with when training commences.....this would be a great feature for ALL enrolments as we would be able to create a data insights report to see where student skill levels are and to support the monitoring of support offered. 

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