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Your questions answered: Moodle LMS Integration webinar FAQs

Question arising from our Moodle webinar.

1. What is the oldest version of Moodle that will work with the integration?

Moodle 3.5 and above

2. Just checking to see if this works for VETtrak on our own machines or is it ONLY for hosted?

Hosted clients only at this stage

3. Can we set duration of Moodle enrolment in a course?

Not via the plugin but this would be accomplished using normal Moodle functionality

4. Can a bulk enrolment from the VETtrak plugin into the course be done?

Yes, using the VETtrak Auth plugin you can import/match multiple users at once.

5. Does it only work for students that are enrolled in VETtrak under an occurrence?

Yes only works with occurrences at this stage

6. Is the API compatible with Moodle 3.7?


7. Does it work without tasks if there is only one assessment being completed and not multiple assessment items?

Yes, use of tasks is optional, you can map an activity directly to a Unit of Competency.

8. What if a student needs to resubmit their assignment, how does that appear in VETtrak, if at all - or does it not feed in until Competency Achieved is assigned.

No result will be fed into VETtrak until it meets the criteria you have set up in the plugins course mapping area. Presumably if a student needs to resubmit their assignment, they would not have achieved a completion result and the result will only be pushed once the required grade had been achieved by the student.

Re-submissions and remarking is possible,  nut will not be submitted to VETtrak is if the module mapping is to a unit and it already has a completed result.

9. If there is an incorrect result is the process to unresult the same as it is currently through the VETtrak portal, with that, does it then push the result back into Moodle and show to the student as unresulted?

No - The correct way to do this would be to have QA on in VETtrak, that way if it is resubmitted it will overwrite the QA item. Alternatively if not using QA reset the result in VETtrak and repush the new result from Moodle.

10. We currently grade through the assignment activity in Moodle, not through Grades as you are doing. Will the integration still work? 

Yes - The gradebook was only used in the presentation to to make it quicker to record multiple results to demonstrate the result pushing.

11. Can you please explain what Pushing results means?

Pushing refers to the process of Moodle sending a result to VETtrak. Results are usually sent automatically but can also be sent manually (from the Manage Student Result Pushing page) Moodle to VETtrak. This might be used in cases where the result has been reset from VETtrak, the QA item was rejected or the student completed their activity prior to the setup of the plugins.

12. Can you push linked staff from VEttrak occurrences as Moodle trainer roles? 

No not at this stage

13. Do students login via their Student Portal? How does their portal dashboard look differently if Moodle is integrated?

No, Student portal and Moodle are separate applications and the Student Portal would not normally be used in that situation.

If students have been imported into Moodle from VETtrak using "VETtrak authentication" they will use their student portal/VETtrak login details to access Moodle.

14.  Is there any integration between Moodle and ""Events"?

 No not at this stage

15. Can you set tasks per unit to be assessed?  

No, you would have to have unique tasks set for each unit

16. Under the moodle authentication method can we change this from VETtrak authentication to Manual so students can update their own password and will this effect the link,

Yes, simply choose the Authentication method as users are imported

17. Will completed students automatically archive in Moodle?

No not at this time

18. If a unit is marked as ""Continuing"" in VETtrak will this automatically open the next unit in Moodle?

No that behaviour is controlled by Moodle

19. Can you search for a class by occurrence number?

No, not at this stage

20. Is the annual price including the hosting price or extra?

The annual price is for the plugin only. VETtrak does not currently have a Moodle hosting service.

21. If assessment tasks need to reviewed by an assessor. will date assessed (if different to date completed) be pushed to VETtrak, rather than date completed?

A couple of options here.

If you are mapping to tasks an assessor can mark the task as complete and the task completion date will be updated. This will not be the case for completed units (unless QA is used). Once a unit has a complete type outcome the plugin will not overwrite that kind of result in any circumstances.

If you wanted to do that our suggestion would be to create a separate activity that the assessor marks as complete and only map that activity to the VETtrak unit. The student activities just remain unmapped.

The start date used here will be the date the student first accesses this modules material

22 Is it looking at activity completion or the grade on the assingment plugin or both?

Assignment Grade is used

23. Is it only Moodle Activity results that get pushed through, or if Moodle is setup for Activity Results to rollup to Moodle Courses, can those Moodle Course results get pushed through to VETtrak instead?

We don't currently push Moodle Course results but this is likely to be one of the things we consider doing in the near future - should there be demand for that kind of mapping. You can set up an activity at the course level and that could be used as the Course Result.

24. Does it support all grading method?

Yes - any activity that can be graded can be used. So far it works with all of the scenarios we have encountered, including scales.

25. In the moodle grades set up is there a capability to insert a grade or a status for commenced as opposed to competent or not yet competent that would appear in VETtrak results? Our funding rules require us to indicate where a student has commenced a unit. 

You can use any VETtrak result type but we do not currently support pushing results on commencement of an activity.

To record commencements, our recommendation would be to map the first Moodle activity to a task and use the VETtrak functionality "Automatically start unit when first task activity is recorded" to trigger the commencement

26. We currently have single sign on from a CRM does that change anything?,

That will still be possible, just choose the correct Authentication method when importing your users from VETtrak

27. What number of students/units that need the results being transferred manually yearly for the plug in to be viable financially?

That will be different to each organisation. Some larger organisations have managed to save significant time by enabling automated result transfers. Smaller organisations may not benefit as much but might still like the automation for piece of mind.

28. Do I have to have plug in if I want to integrate catapult with VETtrak,


29. Currently at our workplace, when a student is enrolled into a Course via VETtrak, all their units are synced over to student's Moodle account. Does your integration support selected units in the case some students have been given credit for units they have done and don't need these synced across to Moodle upon enrollment to a Course.


30. So Continuing status is not triggered when a student first commences a unit activity? Does this process still have to be done manually be a trainer / administrator?

You could potentially trigger a unit commencement by setting up an initial activity that was mapped to a task. You could then use VETtrak "Auto Commence Unit" logic to trigger the unit commencement. 

31. Does the integration create the Moodle subject shells too?

No all Moodle course configuration is done directly via Moodle


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