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VETenrol Release Notes - 10th September 2019

New Features

  • Employer Bookings
    Bookings created through VETtrak can be published and treated as an occurrence by VETenrol.



  • Rapid Registrations
    • Option for Time display to be set to am/pm or 24 hour.
    • Position can now be collected.
    • Schedule page can now trigger Rapid Registrations via rapid=1 parameter.
    • Shopping Cart feature for Rapid Registrations Courses page. This is a feature by request and you will need to contact Support to activate it for your VETenrol account.
  • Parent/Guardian Workflow
    • New Status, Pending Parent Workflow Registrations, to filter the list of registrations.
    • Ability to edit parent email via Registration Details.
    • Override the parent workflow and create the Web Enrolment as is.
    • Cancel Button added to in-progress registrations.
  • Payment Settings
    New individual payment option: Allow Study Loan Payment Option.
    File upload for the prior education question can be made mandatory.
  • NSW Smart & Skilled Step
    Added a new question, Have you successfully completed any qualification since turning 17 (Yes or No).
  • Working with Children/Vulnerable People
    If International Addresses are enabled and the user indicates they're registering from overseas, then the WWC step takes the location from the occurrence. This is used to determine which state the WWC data is based on.
  • Email Templates
    Additional placeholders for mail templates have been added, including Qualification Code, Qualification Name, and current date.
  • Custom Forms
    Mandatory drop-down fields now have a blank option by default that does not count as the question having been answered.
  • Group bookings
    Individuals in a group booking can now receive a confirmation email.
  • General security updates
    • Maximum password length has been increased.
    • Password masking has been applied.
    • There's a new method to set/change passwords.
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