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VTDocs Portal 19.2.0.x Release Notes - 27/09/2019


Must be running VETtrak version 19.2.x.

Release notes -  27/09/2019


  • Added the ability to drag and drop into VTDocs plus QR document split.

Bug Fixes

  • Now display a nice exception if no QR document is found in VTDocs plus QR document split.
  • Fixed issue with upstream file display stopping sorting from working in some cases.
  • SMTP override settings not importing correctly. Note: This feature is deprecated moving forward, unless using NTLM email.
  • Use individual staff email not getting account recover/notification staff details.


Must be running VETtrak version 19.2.x.

Release notes -  10/09/2019


  • Credentials can now be sorted by credential type and have type in their display.
  • Added ability to upload against client skills.
  • Updated the navigation menu to contain all of the button actions putting them all in one place
  • VTDocs plus
    • Updated QR document splitting to work for multiple edge cases
    • Added the ability to "de-allocate" a document by dragging from the right panel into the unallocated panel - allowing for documents to be juggled between entities quickly.
  • Account management (see Security Settings VETtrak article and Password management)
    • Extra security added to user accounts.
    • Password expiry enabled for force change from VETtrak.
    • Toast popup Warning when the password is nearing expiry date.
    • Toast popup warning to let the user know they do not have a primary email on their account (Used for account recovery).
    • User-initiated password reset for recovering password via email.
    • User-initiated username recovery via email.
    • Ability to change the password while logged in from a new dropdown menu item.
    • Endpoints added to all portals to allow VETtrak users to recover passwords via email.
    • VETtrak admins can now force a password change on next portal login.
    • Users will be locked out after X amount of failed attempts for X amount of time all set in VETtrak security wizard.
    • A new page has been added allowing users to view their login attempts and filter by failed attempts.

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    Emma Rosier

    I am keen on learning more about VTDOCs + please and in particular the QR Scanning - No one has been able to tell me anything yet

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