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Student Portal Preferences Setup - VETtrak


Must be running VETtrak version 19.2.x.

Once installed, the Student Portal has some additional preferences that can be set up in the File > Global Preferences area of VETtrak. Click on Student Portal to access the specific preferences page of the wizard.


Standard Preferences:

  • Student Portal URL - This textbox is to record the base url location of your student portal.  This allows your other portals to know how to create student portal specific links.  Such as providing an email notification with a student portal link. It is also used in the process of reseting password's from the client wizard.
  • AVETMISS details - This tickbox will turn on the ability for students to view and edit additional personal details relating to AVETMISS fields on the Personal Details page. To collect prior recognition identifiers in concert with AVETMISS prior education selections turn this option on by checking the box.
  • Allow iCal calendar subscription - This tickbox controls the ability for students to access an iCal file subscription of their schedule.  A third party calendaring application such as (Outlook, Google calendar, iOS & Android) may then be used to subscribe to that schedule  link.  see Portal iCal susbscription for further detail. 

Note: In previous versions of the student portal's standard preferences, there was a section for account recovery.  This has been moved into the new Security Settings Wizard. See VETtrak security settings for more details.


Quality Assurance:

  • Tick this box if you want any of your data entered by students to be submitted for Quality Assurance before being saved in VETtrak.
  • Indicate which kinds of data and actions need to pass through Quality Assurance. As student (client) information is the only data which can be edited through the Student Portal, the only controllable options are the Add, Edit and Delete privileges for client data.



  • Determine which types of entities a student may view/upload documents against.


  • When students upload documents through the Student Portal, a checkbox will appear for the student to acknowledge a declaration.  The text of that declaration comes from this preference.
  • Use plain text and keep your text to a brief sentence.
  • The text appearing in an unedited preference will default to "I declare that this file is my own work".



  • Enable VET Survey integration into the Student Portal. Note: requires separate product VETSurvey.
  • To add this link, simply turn on this checkbox. Choose the VETSurvey URL from the drop down list of your available VET surveys (predefined list). Enter a Link Name for the preferred link. The name is what will be visible, and clickable for your students.


  • Messaging permissions - can view messages - To allow the students to view direct messages in the student portal, select this box.  Note:  A complimentary setting in the Trainer Portal global preferences for "can send messages" would also need to be enabled for this functionality to work between portals. This will be on by default.
  • Messaging permissions - can send messages - To allow students to direct message their training staff, enable this setting.  This will be on by default. The Trainer Portal messages global preference for viewing messages will likewise need to be enabled.
  • Staff types to allow students to send messages to - In addition to enabling "Can send messages", choose which staff types the student will be able to message.  Enabling can send messages without choosing staff types will effectively prevent direct messaging from the Student Portal.

Portal Preferences (formerly Notification preferences)

The Portals also have some global preferences that can be set up in the File > Global Preferences area of VETtrak. Click on Portal preferences to access the specific preferences page of the wizard.



  • When students upload documents through the Student Portal, a notification is sent to staff using the Trainer Portal, it may also optionally email them based on this preference. Turn the Enable notification emails option on to enable notification email functionality. Note: this also affects the Trainer Portal notification email functionality.
  • Enter an email address that the notification will be sent from.
    Note: This address must have the rights to send mail through the mail server setup in Email Preferences.  If your organisation has email setup to use individual staff member email logins then you will need to select a staff member's account via the Staff member to send notification emails from dropdown selector to use and their email address will autofill this setting.
  • You can also decide which Staff Types, recorded against the Students enrolment, will be sent notifications. For example, in the above example - assuming a Trainer, and a Supervisor are all allocated to the enrolment - both Supervisor and Trainer would be notified.



  • Expire idle portal sessions after setting is new to the preferences in VETtrak.  This setting previously lived in each portal's web.config file under the key "SessionTimeout".  This will now affect portals globally.  The setting controls when an idle portal session is automatically timed out and cleared from the active sessions viewed under the security manager's session management node.


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