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Completion Statement Awards

This functionality was implemented in the VETtrak 2019 version release (Version: 19.2)

Changes have been made to the Award wizard to comply with NCVER's clarification of the rules regarding the reporting of statement awards in the NAT130 file. A new Completion statement tickbox has been added to the Award wizard:


The use case for this new tickbox is as follows:

  1. Tick this when recording a statement award if it is a full completion of the qualification.
  2. Untick this when recording a statement award if the statement is for a partial completion of the qualification.
  3. It is unticked and disabled (ie. it cannot be a full completion) if no qualification is selected or the award type is "other".
  4. It is ticked and disabled (ie. it must be a full completion) if the award type is a certificate.

The available Reportability Options for the award depend on whether this is ticked:

  1. If this is not ticked, the award cannot be reported.
  2. If this is ticked, and the qualification is a nationally-recognised qualification, course or skill set, the award can be reported to state or national.
  3. If this is ticked, and the qualification is not nationally-recognised, the award cannot be nationally-reported but can still be state-reported.

For more details on how to best configure Skill Sets for reporting in VETtrak, see our Help Centre article here:  Accredited Skill Set Reporting

When updating to the VETtrak 19.2 version this will be ticked for all existing certificate awards, and for all existing statement awards that are for nationally-recognised skill sets.

Note: VETtrak does not have a defined reliable method to determine whether your other existing statement awards are full completions or not, so assumes that they are not at the time of upgrade. All your existing statement awards that are reportable will continue to be reported until you edit the award - at that point, you will need to tick "Completion statement" if you wish to continue to report the award.

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