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Data Insights Manager Overview

The Data Insights Manager gives you unencumbered access to the data you have entered into your VETtrak system, with a full suite of options that allow you to query and interact with your data in unique and dynamic ways.

  • Create and amend queries: Look up information with a freedom to specify exactly what you want to see, with the option to robustly filter your returned results.
  • Bulk update fields: Introducing new functionality to amend specific fields within your database for a number of entries, such as employers, dates and more.
  • Contact specific clients: Define and retrieve particular client sets, then contact them via whatever method you prefer.
  • Structured report creation: Set up a looping option to create reports for a set of people, without needing to repeat the process – Including automatically saving the exported report for your review.

To open the Data Insights Manager, choose Report Data Insights from the menu. Alternatively, click the mceclip0.png icon on the toolbar or from the Dashboard.

This will display the standard Data Insight Manager interface:


  • Data insight query repository - The left hand window contains all of your created Data Insights queries, and it also used to create new queries by right-clicking the Data insight queries folder and selected Add query.

    This are also allows you to create Folders to organise and sort your queries by right-clicking on an existing folder and selecting Add subfolder:
    You can the organise queries within these folders, as well as set permissions for what folders should be accessible by what VETtrak User roles.

  • Selected data insight query - The right hand panel is defaulted to explain the basic details of the Data Insights Manager, with links to this User Guide and the VETtrak Data Dictionary.

    Once a Query is created/selected, this window will change to display the Data Insights editing tools:



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