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Video: VETtrak Webinar - VETtrak Security - How to manage your VETtrak users, permissions and more (07/11/2019)

In todays webinar, we will be revisiting the role of Security within VETtrak, as there have been a number of upgrades and improvements in our most recent (19.2) update.

Key points:

  • How best to manage the staff within your company that use VETtrak
  • How to efficiently create VETtrak roles for your staff
    • Within roles, How to best control a user’s access within VETtrak and;
    • How to remove entire features from a user role
  • How VETtrak can now enforce a more secure Password policy for your company, and;
  • How you can give your users the power to manage their own log ins – including the ability for a user to actually reset their password if they forget it!
  • A quick introduction to a very powerful security report – known as the User Entry Report

This webinar will spoitlight the major Security features within this version. All changes are documented in the VETtrak 19.2.0 Release Notes - 10/09/2019

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