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VIC: Exclude Units from Claiming/Invoicing

Parts of this functionality were implemented in the VETtrak 2019 & 2020 version release (Versions: 19.3 & 20.4) 

SVTS (Skills Victoria Training System) allows a submitting RTO to "opt-out" of receiving reject messages for reported data that cannot be claimed, to avoid cluttering your SVTS validation results with expected rejects.

Details regarding these requirements are available in the following document: Victorian VET student statistical collection guidelines 2020 summary of changes (PDF)

There can be a number of reasons for this that differs on a user to user basis - it is most useful when a training provider is aware that an automatic rejection is to occur and wishes to pre-empt this and prevent it from happening. 

The extent of this functionality is that VETtrak will allow a training provider several options to flag that certain training activity may be submitted, but is to be excluded from triggering a claim or funding in general.

From a reporting standpoint, the training activity will still be present within exported NAT files, but will have a unique flag present for SVTS to understand it is not to be funded. This is done within the "Purchasing contract schedule identifier" column in the NAT120 – reporting as "EXC" to exclude the unit from claim creation, and reporting as "R38" to exclude the unit from claim confirmation/invoicing.

There are several options to start reporting these claim exclusion codes in VETtrak:

When Generating State AVETMISS

The option to select Claim exclusions is immediately available when generating AVETMISS for Victoria.

This is a blanket option that allows you to choose to bulk-exclude claims based off common result types that are not funded.

These filters include Credit Transfer outcomes, RPL outcomes, Not Yet Started outcomes, and/or Withdrawn outcomes with 0 hours. Ticking these options will report the "EXC" claim exclusion code for all reported units with an outcome matching any of the options selected:


Excluding Via Client Enrolment

You can flag a particular enrolment to make use of a Claims exclusion flag by editing an existing enrolment and navigating to the VIC State-based fields area:


Within here, drop-down the Claims exclusion menu to select the relevant flag:



There is also the option to exclude on a per-unit basis within the Edit AVETMISS Values wizard:


In this area,  make use of the Claims exclusion column to select the relevant exclusion for your needs:



Performing any of these options will then provide the necessary data to be collected alongside your Training Activity within your AVETMISS files, displaying either "EXC" or "R38" like so:



Excluding Via The Record Results Wizard

The Record Results wizard allows you to turn on the Claim exclusion (VIC) column:mceclip0.png

This will then allow a user to adjust this field on the same screen of the wizard, for each unit:mceclip1.png

This wizard will also display give a warning if the ERA claim exclusion code is used for a unit that does not have an outcome of 79:mceclip2.png

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