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VETenrol Release Notes - 9th December 2019

The primary focus of this release has been compliance updates for 2020, but it also includes some other changes.



  • NCVER privacy notice has been updated.
    RTOs that are using the System Default for their Terms & Conditions (ie. the field has been left blank) will receive this update automatically.
    WARNING if you have text entered into your Terms & Conditions, even if this text was identical to the previous system default, VETenrol will identify this as Custom Terms & Conditions and will not apply any updates. Either delete your existing T&Cs to start using the System Default or make the necessary changes to them yourself.
  • AVETMISS Step changes
    • Tasmanian compliance - introduces Industry and Occupation.
    • Language other than English question is now Yes/No and only shows the language selector if No is chosen.
    • The Both answer for the Aboriginal / TSI question now reads Both Aboriginal/TSI.
    • Highest School Level Completed can now be made mandatory (which may be required for Victorian RTOs)
    • Disabilities are hidden unless the user indicates they have a disability.
  • VSN - multiple individual boxes to collect Victorian Student Number have been replaced with a single field.
  • Skills First Program
    • Uses Qualification Name and not programme name (if available).
    • Skills First file attachment is now PDF instead of html.
    • Signature from signature pad will now be applied to Skills First file attachment.
  • Sundry file upload has been updated to allow an optional number of file uploads. Settings are: OFF, 1, 3 or 5.
  • Mobile phone and email masking for the standard registration process to ensure the expected 10 numbers for mobiles and properly formed email address(es).
  • Registration Details attachment for automated emails is now PDF instead of html.
  • Minor changes for clarity, eg.
    • Label for DOB is now Date of Birth.
    • Other Names label is now Middle Name(s).
  • Reports:
    • Discount summary (new)
    • Log file has been updated to include further details when clicking the link for start date and to incorporate entries for Rapid Registrations.
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