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VETenrol Release Notes - 4th February 2020


New Features

  • Hidden referral source for Rapid Registrations.
    This is a feature by request, allowing a referral source ID to be passed in the VETenrol link using the hidreferralsource parameter. The user will not see the referral source at any point during the registration, but it will be listed in Registration Details, and passed to VETtrak. Hidden Referral Source works with and without the Shopping Cart extension.

  • Report: Referral Sources.
    For those utilising Hidden Referral Sources, a new report is available to list referral source IDs.

  • Web Enrol ID link in Registration Details. This link will attempt to match a manually processed Web Enrolment with an enrolment in VETtrak and, if successful, will update the registration details with the Enrolment ID.



  • Discount codes will not be included in the registration process if the price is already zero.
  • Send to VTDocs button hidden on Registration Details unless VTDocs integration settings have been completed.
  • Third party script inclusions extended to apply to Rapid process, Course Enquiry page. (Scripts added by request, providing script meets VETtrak security standards)
  • Mobile phone number masking for Rapid Registrations.
  • Mobile/Email masking can now be disabled via Site Settings.
  • *CLASSESTABLE* placeholder for default confirmation and mail template receipts now allows some customisation. Changes to the default are applied by request.
  • Registration Details attachment on RTO notification emails (for those with SMTP servers set up only), now includes Registration ID and Page X of Y on each page.


Bug Fixes

  • Admin view of LLNs on registrations previously displayed as plain text and showed any html tags included in the question making reading difficult. The html now renders showing the question as it was intended to be viewed.
  • Viewing Registration Details for Abandoned registrations sometimes failed.
  • Parent/Guardian Workflow - Registration Details displayed acceptance & signature date of the parent for all acceptances & signatures.
  • Rapid Registration Date of Birth date picker year list was limited to only 10 years in the past.
  • AVETMISS question "In which year did you complete that school level" continued to display * indicating mandatory, when the question had been set to optional with setting "Disable forced collection of Year Completed".
  • Clear button for signature pad wasn't working.
  • Rapid registrations without a Date of Birth will no longer show the Parent Signature box.
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