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VETembark Introduction FAQ


As we work towards more documentation for our brand new VETembark product, we hope this collected list of frequently asked questions can address your immediate curiosity!

How do I access VETembark?

VETembark is a browser-based cloud application, similar to the VETtrak trainer portal. Access to VETembark is via an internet browser. In order to access the VETembark product, you must be a VETtrak hosted client on the VETtrak Enterprise product tier.

Is VETembark available for local installation?

Unfortunately, not. VETembark is reliant on cloud services to deliver its functionality and therefore will not be offered as a locally hosted option.

Which VETtrak clients can access VETembark?

VETembark can be accessed by any Enterprise or Enterprise+ customer who has their system hosted with VETtrak. VETtrak Enterprise+ clients have access to 2 VETembark ‘named user licenses’ per VETtrak named user license they have as part of their subscription. Clients on the Professional tier must upgrade to the Enterprise tier to access the API to access VETembark, then purchase a VETembark user license. VETtrak Enterprise clients can access VETembark by purchasing a user license for VETembark.

Why do I need to have VETtrak hosted with VETtrak to use VETembark?

Upcoming versions of VETembark will be integrated with VETtrak and will use API technology to push data between VETtrak and VETembark. Therefore, locally hosted systems are not supported with VETembark.

Is VETembark integrated with VETtrak?

Yes! Agency/Agent data from your VETtrak system is referenced and displayed within VETembark.

What is the VETembark user licensing model?

In order for clients to determine if VETembark can help streamline their pre-enrolment and RTO processes, we offer a 30-day unlimited trial of the product.

Post trial, VETembark is accessed by a subscription to a named user license.

VETtrak Enterprise Plus clients - VETtrak Enterprise Plus clients have 2x VETembark named user licenses per VETtrak named user license they are subscribed to.

VETtrak Enterprise clients – VETtrak Enterprise clients can purchase a user license subscription to access VETembark.

VETtrak Professional clients – VETtrak Professional clients will need to upgrade to the Enterprise tier to access the API to be eligible to access VETembark. After upgrading to Enterprise, a VETembark user license subscription can be purchased to access VETembark.

As mentioned above, access to VETembark is for VETtrak hosted only clients and clients who are locally hosted will need to move to a VETtrak hosted environment to access VETembark.

What kind of Work Item processes can I implement with VETembark?

Our focus for our initial release has been solving problems faced by clients operating in the student pre-enrolment space, by way of embracing the workflow of a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

However, we have designed the system to be simple and as flexible as possible. Therefore, VETembark can be used beyond the pre-enrolment process. Work item types can be created with custom statuses for each Work Item Type, enabling you to use the flexibility of VETembark for other RTO processes.

Some example use-cases below:

  • Complaints Register – Use the simple email process to record, manage and resolve complaints. Reproduce that at audit and have clients submit via an email.
  • Lead Tracking, Continuous improvement register, Industry Engagement tracking, Workplace Health and Safety register, appeals tracking, in fact any process where there is a dialogue of conversation and requirement for a centralised record to be maintained.

Can I use an email address from my own organisation’s domain?

Yes, you can create a dedicated mailbox specifically to manage messages that will be forwarded to your VETembark application. A redirect will need to be set up on your mail server for that purpose, ask us how to get started with this.

How many documents can be attached to a workflow item?

There is no limit to the number of documents or email messages on a workflow item. Each individual email is limited to 20 Megabytes.

Can users view work items assigned to another user?


What happens to messages that cannot be delivered to VETembark?

Users will receive a notification that their message has not been successfully delivered.

What about failed delivery emails sent from VETembark?

VETembark will attempt to deliver your message for up to 72 hours. Any message that cannot be delivered after that time will result in an error and will eventually be sent back to your VETembark as a new work item.

What about security, data sovereignty and PII?

VETtrak is ISO 27001 certified. All information is stored on servers located within Australia.


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