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VETenrol Release Notes - 26th February 2020

New Features

  • Payment Methods for Rapid Registrations.
    The Rapid Registration Payment Preferences are available via Payment Settings in the Admin.
    • Pay in person allows payment to be deferred in favour of an in-person over the counter payment.
    • Allow Invoice Me Payment Option allows the Invoice Me payment method to be used for Rapid Registrations.

  • Notes for Rapid Registrations.
    Allows the user to provide notes on their registration. The feature can be enabled via Rapid Registration Settings where the heading for the field can also be set, eg. Dietary Requirements. If a heading label is not specified the default (Notes) will be used.

  • Show/Hide Classes List for Rapid Registrations.
    This option is enabled by default but can be changed via Rapid Registration Settings.



  • Discounts - Single/limited use codes.
    A new discount type allows for the creation of discount codes that can only be used a limited number of times before expiring. When the Discounts feature is enabled via Payment Settings, codes can be used during the standard or rapid registration process.
  • RTO Notification - Registration Details attachment includes Company Name in the header.
  • Performance optimisations for Rapid Registrations.


Bug Fixes

  • Standard registration process
    • Unsupported variables in URL will no longer result in an error message, rather they'll be ignored.
    • Google Maps API issue fixed where a valid key was entered in the Admin but VETenrol wasn't displaying the Location field to users for the API to be utilised.
    • Bug fixed where validation for "In which year did you complete that school level" indicates the field is required but user selected "Did not go to school" as their highest completed school level.
  • Rapid registration process
    • Courses Page now correctly sorts by Date/Time.
    • Issue with discounts not working as been resolved.
  • Admin
    • Registration page export 404 error fixed.
    • Fixed a display issue with Citizenship when viewing Registration Details of a rapid registration.
    • Fixed conflict with parent signing and custom agreements.
    • Chance Occurrence for under age enrolments is no longer available where the parent has already provided their consent.


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